During the cold winter months, the Cherokee take time to appreciate the things that they have. This could include their families, their homes, their food, their health, their friends, etc.... it makes sense that Native Americans would have stopped to focus on the good things they have during those cold, winter months. Focusing on good things and appreciating what they do have would help to keep your thoughts away from the hunger that you face during the harsh winters. This practice has continued today, because they know the magic in appreciation.

Lately, I have been working on my inner strengths and cultivating myself. I wrote a small blog about it a couple of weeks ago. I've picked my journaling, yoga, and meditation back up. I can't believe how much good it does in such a short time. I've been working on appreciation in accordance with my daily rituals.

Appreciation for what you have is often a hard idea to grasp, and sometimes when you hit a particularly rough patch, the "why mes" start and you forget to look at what you have already. But appreciation for what you do have during those difficult moments can be a powerful magic tool that you find within. You don't have to do a spell for appreciation. You don't have to have a magic wand. You only have to use your mind. Your mind thoughts are powerful. They make your magic happen.

If you take the time to refine this tool, sharpening it every day, you will be making yourself into one powerful magical being. Everything and everyone is prettier when you look at them through appreciative eyes.  

If you journal every day, the first thing you should do is write something that you are appreciative of. If you don't journal, then think of your thing you appreciate. Then in the night as you are drifting off to slumber, think of one more thing. Make this a daily practice and watch how you are transformed.

Oh, and while you are appreciating the things and people around you.....don't forget to appreciate yourself. You are here for a reason. You have a life plan. Take time in your day and thank yourself. Find one thing about yourself that you appreciate. Your wit, your cute pinky toe, or your eyebrows. Find something about you and tell it you appreciate it.