I have taught myself all of my art, and love learning new techniques. I continually learn and grow, increasing my knowledge to create. Working from home and creating is perfect for me, I love creating beauty and knowing that someone has chosen to put it in their home. 

Deep in the heart of the magical forest the witch's home stands. What wonderful things await you inside? Magical, enchanting, and primitive items are decorating this mystical cottage.
My magical home is located in Upper East Tennessee and I want to help you have a beautiful, magical home as well. 

It is my goal to bring unique and beautiful things to your home to make it the magical place that your soul needs. Our homes are where we go to retreat from the world, re-charge our being, and rest in it's comfort. Make your surroundings as magical as you are.

I offer handmade items to add to your own individuality and personal magic. When you retreat to your home, it will be your place of recharging, relaxation, and respite. I recently added a variety of crystals, because I work with them in meditation, as well as with tuning fork sound therapy. I want you to enjoy this facet of chakra alignment, and soul healing.

I create a variety of items for your home by using natural items and preserving them. My resin pieces are made using snake skin, wolf hair, moss, lichen, dried mushrooms, and flowers. My clay pieces are created by hand or mold that I have made using my one of my clay creations. I employ the use of resin, clay, woodburning, acrylic paint, and several other crafting items to create the individual and unique items for you. 

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