Let's get ready for a magical summer and decorate our gardens with some decorative stones!

We will be making a painted garden stone with a bindrune on the back. I've decided to go with a traditional bad luck symbol for the front; the black cat!

First you want to choose a nice smooth good sized stone. Wash it and let it dry.

Decide where you want to paint the moon and paint a nice round, white circle. 

While the wet is still wet, dip your brush into a blue. I used Prussian blue, but you can use whatever color you would like. Pound the color with your brush and mix it with the white to blend. Leave some darker shading of the blue. Let dry.  

Using the natural divots in rock add some small spots of the dark color. 

Take your darker color and with a VERY wet brush, just lightly go over the rock around the moon to just give it a washed color. Now, clean your brush, keep it wet and dip it into the white and lightly wash a circle around the moon to give it a moon "glow". Let dry. 

 Now, take black and make your land as a dark shadow. All of the rest will be shadow painting. 

Dip the very end of your handle in the white and lightly touch at different points around the sky to make stars. 

Now, with your black paint, you will make a shadow cat. If you have any problems with the shape, or you don't like mine, you can google the term cat shadow and find different ones. The great thing about shadows is that you don't have to be a superb artist, you just need the basic shape. 

 Add another if you like. 

And I decided to add a fairy for the kitties to play with. I also add tiny white dots for their eyes, so they seemed to be glowing in the moonlight. You can also lightly add a bit a white with a wet brush around each kitty to make a glow around them. 

 Now, cover this in three layers of outdoor protection. You don't want the rain to wash away all of your hard work. 


Now, for the magical part of the stone. I created a bindrune for your stone so that you can add it to your outdoor magical working area and it will enhance your spellworking. 

This one includes:

Ehwaz: for power, and help sending spell to the destination

Tiwaz: for victory, protection in your working, and strength

Perthro: for aid in your magic

Ansuz: Help in magical workings

After you have painted this on, also coat it with 3 layers of protection. 


Now to activate your stone. 

This bindrune works from the energy of the four elements. This bindrune will work to enhance and protect my spellwork. This bindrune works within the area of my magical work. It works without harm to myself, my pets, my property, or my finances and is activated by my breath. Chant the rune names, to call them. You will see the color of each as they are called into action.

Breath on the stone and place it in your area of work. 

I hope you liked this craft.

Bright blessings,