In October of last year I was gifted my spirit familiar. I was caught totally unawares and was not even thinking of anything about that, not even remotely.

My friend Andrea came over for our usual spirit board meeting. We were laughing and chatting with different spirits when suddenly the energy of the room changed. I felt it drain me almost instantly. 

That is when I know that I have a really great connection. When that happens, the words form smoothly and at a nice speed. 

The following two things happened. The Morrigan appeared on the board. I didn't work with her at the time, but Andrea did. I worked mainly with Odin and Freyja, but since that time I work with The Morrigan, as well. 

I won't go into the full speech from the Morrigan. She came through quite strongly and we both listened to her. That part can be a blog for another day. 

After she came through, the familiars came through. I won't tell you about Andrea's, that's her story. But mine, was and is amazing. I won't tell you what he is, or his name, but he did tell me that he only desires "a bit of honey" from time to time, and that when I see Luna Moths, he is near. That night I saw what he really looks like, in my dreams. He appeared to me, not as a Luna, but he has the color of one. I keep that honey out always. I speak to him every day. I work with him every day.  He is amazing every day. 

One example of the amazing; my husband couldn't find his credit card. We looked the room over 3x each. Suddenly it was there. It was in a spot I knew that we had both just looked those 3x, just sitting on the edge of the table. We looked at each other, because it had so suddenly appeared. So, I thanked him, because I knew it was him.

The following is a spirit familiar blessing. This ritual shows gratitude to your familiar and also strengthens your connection.