Regrettably, I have decided to leave Etsy marketplace. I have had a wonderful few years there, but I feel that the changes that Etsy has been making are not good for small businesses. I do have my own .com and right now I am using Pattern through Etsy. If needed, I will move my .com in the future, but for now I will remain here. 

My shop will be here from now on: 


Some wonderful things have happened to my little business! The spell bottles that I create for Hex were chosen by the set buyer for Hocus Pocus 2 and you can see them throughout the movie! The best place to view them is after the movie, after the credits, there is a little mini movie of the black cat jumping onto a desk next to my bottles! (The screenshot is from my tv)

Tomorrow I will be listing some new items on the site, just in time for Yule!

I have plans for some new creations and expanding, and I'm so excited for the future! I'm also still working on my tarot card deck, so watch for updates about it. I also hope to blog more in the future, as well. 

And of course, you can find specialized items that I create, sold through Hex and Omen in Salem, MA and New Orleans, Louisiana.

May your days be filled with magic!